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Whether you are a seasoned clinician, established researcher or a student just beginning your exciting career in Orthodontics and/or Craniofacial Biology, we at CTOR Press are committed to providing you with access to the latest clinical and scientific knowledge you need to be successful.
CTOR Press was established and is run by clinician-scientists with decades of experience in higher education. We are committed to generating and spreading knowledge about Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology for the benefit of our colleagues and our patients.


Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics is a must-have book for Orthodontists who wish to optimize the use of biomechanics principles in their day-to-day practice. This easy-to-read, richly illustrated volume covers the basics of bracket and wire design, one-couple systems, two-couple systems, and the best way to use these in the clinic.

Web-based Apps (Coming Soon)

CTOR Press announces the launch of our new Web-Based Apps designed for Orthodontists who want to learn how to best use bands, brackets, wires and other appliances to optimize treatment outcomes in the shortest time. This site is under construction.










CTOR Press is examining complex topics in Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology in books written for experienced clinicians and students alike. Whether you want to expand your understanding of mechanotherapy, the biology of tooth movement, or how to treat complex cases, CTOR Press books offer easy-to-read, richly illustrated books that delve deep into each topic.

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  • Getting your research published is difficult. Your research must be novel, but must still adhere to conventional wisdom. Reviewers can ask you to include data in your manuscript that you do not have funding to conduct. Journals require high manuscript fees (over $1,000 USD!) for......

  • CTOR will be hosting a booth (#111) at the upcoming IADR meeting from July 26-28, 2018. Stop by to learn about all of the latest CTOR happenings. Meet Dr. Mani Alikhani and he’ll sign your copy of Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics, which will be available at......

  • Mechanotherapy in Orthodontics is the science of engineering precise and efficient procedures to accomplish desired skeletal and dental changes and movements. This is Volume I of a series that guides Orthodontists and Orthodontics Residents on how to use physics and biology principles to deliver accurate......

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